Be A Business Partner

Community Collaborators are businesses who offer a discount or free services.

We are always looking for business owners in our cities across South Louisiana to partner with us to serve the foster care community. Giving a discount or free service to a foster family communicates value and worth. Foster families make many sacrifices when accepting children from hard places into their home and loving them as their own. The cost to raise a child in foster care exceeds the monthly stipend received by foster parents, and they are required to come out of pocket for many expenses. Your partnership in serving these families helps in relieving the financial burden and encourages them to continue in their efforts to care for the children.


  • Show your support for caregivers and kids while driving traffic to your business: Community Collaborators receive a specialized window decal to showcase their support for the program. Foster parents will know that when they shop at your business they receive a discount by showing their FTL Family member card.
  • Boost Your Brand Engagement: The Foster the Love Louisiana Facebook page and Instagram account reach thousands of people each week! When you become a Community Collaborator, Foster the Love Louisiana works with you to cross promote your brand on Facebook and Instagram. Share Foster the Love Louisiana social media content or post pictures of your employees and customers supporting Foster the Love Louisiana. In return, Foster the Love Louisiana will share your posts and tag your business to reach our network of followers.
  • Build Goodwill in the Community: Foster the Love Louisiana will supply informational materials for you to display at your business location. You’ll be helping Foster the Love Louisiana raise awareness of the need for more foster family supporters while building goodwill with your customers by sharing your commitment to a cause that is near and dear to our community.

How does the Community Collaborator program work?


Decide on the percentage or type of discount to offer & determine the disclosure of the discount.


Display your Community Collaborator window decal in the front of your business in a visible location.


Make sure your employees know what the discount is and what the discount card looks like. Display the visual of the card as well as discount information by your cash register.

Register Your Business

As a Community Collaborator you receive:

  • Your business featured here! On the Community Collaborator web page.
  • Inclusion of your business in Foster the Love LA newsletters and program notices.
  • Inclusion of your business in Foster the Love LA social media posts, press outreach and recruitment events.
  • The best gift you get in return is seeing a foster youth become a success rather than just a statistic.

Benefits to community:

  • More money being directed to local businesses.
  • Helps ease the financial burden on foster families, who come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Serves as a recruitment tool to get more people interested in serving as foster parents.