Gathering In Support of Our Youth

The Open Table Model

The Open Table model demonstrates how a trained, structured, collaborative approach can energize the relational and social capital in communities to provide a continuum of support and transform lives. Through an understanding of the inexhaustible resources of relational and social capital, the community can move from a scarcity perspective to one of abundance.

In the central Open Table model, through a “Table,” individuals are trained to use their vast relational capital and social networks (Open Table has named them Relational Assetsâ„¢) to impact the social determinants of health for an individual or family. A group of volunteers forms a “Table,” guided by a “life plan” that outlines goals defined by and specific to individuals and families requesting assistance. Over the course of a year, Open Table volunteers meet on a weekly basis to work with the person or family seeking support to create positive change. The Table model operates with a theory of change, evidence base, online training and fidelity tools (funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration – SAMHSA, foundations, faith communities and others).